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Xiaomi AX3600 WiFi 6 AIoT Router

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Az éjjel új firmware-t kapott a router benne a Mesh funkcióval. Máris rendelek még egyet. :D

Xiaomi AIoT Router AX3600 stable version log 1.0.66 (updated on June 22, 2020)
Hello, the rice noodle of Xiaomi AIoT Router AX3600.
This important upgrade for AX3600 will bring you a long-awaited Mesh function!
1. Support to mix with multiple Xiaomi AIoT routers AX3600 or Xiaomi routers AX1800 to form a Mesh network, and the whole house covers WiFi6
2. When the device moves between multiple routers, it automatically switches, seamless roaming, and does not drop while playing
3. Support maximum 2402Mbps wireless rate or 1000Mbps wired rate high-speed networking between two Xiaomi AIoT routers AX3600
4. After two Xiaomi AIoT routers AX3600 group Mesh network, the main route and sub-route still support 160MHz dynamic over-bandwidth function
5. After Mesh can support dual frequency integration or 5G, 2.4G frequency division
Note: If you have previously set the restart plan and health mode, you need to reset it after this upgrade.
When setting the Mesh function for the first time, you need to upgrade the router and App to the latest version.
To ensure the user experience, it is recommended not to exceed 4 networks at most.

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