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"This is caused by double buffering V-Sync, which cuts your frame rate to a multiple of 30 if it can't maintain an even 60. Using triple buffering solves this issue. But since there is no in-game option for it, disabling V-Sync in game and enabling V-Sync in the NVIDIA control panel with triple buffering set to "On" will solve this.

When you Alt+Tab out of a game, the V-Sync settings from the graphics driver on the desktop kick in and override the game settings, which is why this "fixes" you current game session.

However, what I'm interested in is fixing the 60 FPS cap in this game. I have a 144 Hz G-Sync monitor with 2 x 980 Ti's and can easily hit 100+ FPS but no matter what I do, I can't seem to hit anything higher than 60 FPS. I can disable V-Sync in game, disable it at the driver level, and even disable G-Sync and it doesn't matter - 60 FPS is all this game will output. In fact, most of you could fix your 30 FPS cap by just disabling v-sync altogether, as the game engine won't let you render more than 60 FPS anyways so there's no risk of tearing (unless you happen to have a rare 50 Hz monitor)

Does anyone have a solution for the 60 FPS cap?"

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