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AndreDNA • a year ago

I've tryed borderlands pre-sequel, talos and doom 3. Noone even started (snap 835). Maybe I'm missing something, but this seem pointless to me.

Alen Ladavac AndreDNA • a year ago

I'm a developer of The Talos Principle (and Serious Sam). Talos generally works on 835 - on latest drivers. Sad reality on Android is that just saying 835 is not same as saying GF1080 on PC. All GF1080 users on PC (can) have latest drivers. On Android, most devices get drivers that are years (I'm not kidding) old.
And _that_ is the main reason why Talos is still available only on Nvidia: they actually have driver update frequency (and quality!) comparable to that on the PC (which means reported problems are fixed and shipped in weeks, not years) . No one else does (yet). The moment any manufacturer with decent hardware (you'd be surprised how even much lower than 835 can work well on a good driver) starts shipping updates regularly, we will ship the game for that device.

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