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LG Nexus 4 - Hardware részletezés

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Model Number: LG-E960
Kódnév: Mako
Méretek: 133.9 x 68.7 x 9.1 mm
Súly: 139 g
Borítás: Corning Gorilla Glass 2 eleje & hátulja, műanyag keret
Portok: 3.5mm headphone jack (tetején), microUSB (alján), microSIM tray (oldalt)
Mikrofon: Dual Mics for Noise Cancellation
SAR (US Rating): 0.55 W/kg (head) / 1.27 W/kg (body)
Figyelmeztető LED: RGB LED (képernyő alján)
Szenzorok: Accelerometer, gyroscope, proximity, compass, barometer
Kapcsolódási szabványok: DLNA, Mircast, NFC, SlimPort

Chipset - Snapdragon S4 Pro APQ8064

CPU - Quad core "Krait v2"
Manufacturer: Qualcomm
Clock Speed: 1.5GHz
Lithography: 28nm
Cache: L0: 4KB+4KB, L1: 16KB+16KB, L2: 2 MB
Instruction Set: ARMv7
Pipeline Depth: 11-Stage
Dhrystone: 3.3 DMIPS/MHz
Memory: Dual-channel 533 MHz (8.5 GB/sec)

GPU - Adreno 320
Manufacturer: Qualcomm
Clock Speed: 27MHz - 400MHz
API Conformance: OpenGL ES 3.0, 2.0 & 1.1, OpenCL 1.2, OpenVG 1.1, EGL 1.3, Direct3D 11 feature level 9_3[7], SVGT 1.2, Direct Draw and GD
Max. Texture Units: 2
Max. Texture Size: 4096
Max. Light: 8
Supported Features: VBO, frame buffers, cube maps, texture combiners, DOT3 combiner, crossbar combiner

Chipset PMIC - PM8921
Manufacturer: Qualcomm
PWM Channels: 8

Baseband - Gobi MDM9215
Manufacturer: Qualcomm
GSM/EDGE/SPRS Bands: 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz
3G Bands: 850, 900, 1700, 1900, 2100 MHz
DC-HSPA+ 42Mbps: Supported
LTE: Support available via additional transceiver
Cores: Single Cortex A5
Instruction Set: ARMv7

Baseband PMIC - PM8821
Manufacturer: Qualcomm
PWM Channels: 8

RF Transceiver - WTR1605L
Manufacturer: Qualcomm

Wireless RF Module - Atheros WCN3660
Manufacturer: Qualcomm
Bluetooth: BT 3.0/4.0 Low Energy
Wi-Fi: 802.11 a/b/g/n (2.4/5 GHz)
FM: Hardware supported

NFC - BCM20793
Manufacturer: Broadcom
Lithougraphy: 28nm

Global Navigation Satelite System (GNSS) - ALM-3012
Manufacturer: Avago
GLONASS: Supported (confirmed activated in software)
A-GPS: Supported
S-GPS: Supported

Digital Signal Processor (DSP) - Hexagon QDSP6
Manufacturer: Qualcomm
Generation: H4
Clock Speed: 256MHz - 350MHz
Frequency: 500Mhz
Cache: L1: 16KB, L2: 256 KB
Lithography: 28nm
Dhrystone: 20 DMIPS/mW

Digital-to-Analogue Converter (DAC) - WCD9310
Manufacturer: Qualcomm
Frequency response: +0.13, -0.11
Noise level: -82.5
Dynamic range: 82.5
THD: 0.0092
IMD+ Noise: 0.022
Stereo crosstalk: -81.6

Hátlapi Kamera - "Exmor R" IMX111PQ
Manufacturer: Sony
Image SIze: Diagonal 4.60 mm (Type 1/4.0)
Max. Image Resolution: 3296 × 2512 (approx. 8.28M pixels)
Max. Video Resolution: 1080p @ 30fps (720p @ 60fps)
Sensor: 1/3.2" Back-Side Illuminated
Lens: LG 5 Element lens
Aperture: f/2.4
Flash: Single LED
Unit Cell Size: 1.12mµ
Focal Length: 5mm
On-chip signal processing: Dot defect compensation, Noise reduction

Előlapi Kamera - IMX119
Manufacturer: Sony
Max. Image Resolution: 1.3MP
Max. Video Size: 720p @ 30fps

Flash Driver - LM3559
Manufacturer: Texas Instruments
Flash current: 1.8A
Boost converter: 2MHz fixed-frequency synchronous

Screen - LH467WX1 TrueHD IPS+ with ZeroGap technology
Manufacturer: LG
Display Type: IPS
Resolution: 768x1280
Aspect Ratio: 15:9
Size: 4.7" (119.4mm) Diagonal, 2.42" × 4.03" (61.4mm × 102.4mm)
Pixel Density: 317.6ppi
Refresh Rate: 60Hz
Dot Pitch: 0.08mm
Sub-pixel Arrangement: Stripe RGB
Black Screen (100% Brightness): 0.33 cd/m2
White Screen (100% Brightness): 470 cd/m2
Contrast Ratio: 1352:1

Touch Screen Controller- ClearTouch S7020A
Manufacturer: Synaptics
Report Rate: 80MHz

Backlight Controller- LM3530
Manufacturer: Texas Instruments
Voltage in: 2.7v - 5.5v
Voltage out: 40v
Number of LED's: 11
LED Configuration: Series
Peak Efficiency: 90%
Switching Frequency: 500kHz - 550kHz
Supply Current: 1.35mA
PowerWise: Yes

Manufacturer: Samsung
Capacity: 2GB (4x512MB)
Speed: 1066MHz, Dual-channel 533 MHz (8.5 GB/sec)
Voltage: 1.2v
Technology: LPDDR

Manufacturer: Toshiba
Size: 8GB or 16GB
Speed: 200MHz

Battery - LG BL-T5
Manufacturer: LG Chem
Capacity: 2100mAh/8.0Wh (minimum 2030mAh/7.7Wh)
Voltage: 3.8v
Type: Lithium-ion polymer

Wireless Charging - BQ51051b
Manufacturer: Texas Instruments
Power out: 5W
Voltage out: 4.2v
Voltage in: 4v - 10v typical, 20v max
AC-DC Efficiency: 93% (peak)
Charging Current: 1.5A
Wireless Charging Standard: WPC v1.1 "Qi" Standard

Headphone Jack - FSA8008
Manufacturer: Fairchild Semiconductor
Detection: Accessory Plug-In; 3- or 4-Pole Audio; Send/End Key Presses
Functionality: FSA8008A-Decreased Timing for Sensitive Send/End Keys
Switch Type: MIC
VDD: 2.5v to 4.4v
VIO: 1.6v to VDD
THD (MIC): 0.03% Typical at 2.5 VDD
ESD (Air Gap): 15kV

Gyroscope / Accelerometer - MPU-6050
Manufacturer: InvenSense
No. of axis: 6
Motion Range: ±250 to ±2000°/sec
Shock Tolerance: 10,000 g
Integrated ADC's: 3 x 16-bit
Rate noise: 0.01dps/√Hz

SlimPort Transmitter - ANX7808
Manufacturer: Analogix
USB data In/Out: USB host, device or OTG data pass through
Stereo (3D) video output : Supported
HDCP 1.3 content protection: Supported
1-lane output : 5.4Gbps, 2.7Gbps or 1.62Gbps data rates
Standards compliance: DisplayPort 1.2, MyDP 1.0, HDMI 1.4a



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