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Együtt Európában : Miskolc in 2058

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Ezzel a szöveggel neveztem a ' Együtt Európában ' versenyre, amire prezentációt kellett csinálni, tömeg ( 21 fő + zsűri ) előtt kellet előadni .

De mivel nekem senki sem szólt, hogy a prezentációt magunkkal kell vinni, ezért az a vicces ( szánalmas ? :\ ) helyzet alakult ki, hogy előadás nélkül én csak szöveget mondtam ;]

Megvolt volt a díjkiosztó, hát nem nyertem semmit.. pedig számítottam rá :O :)

akit érdekel a sztori részletesen az írja le hsz-ben és majd leírom ;)
Íme a szövegem :

In the future everything will change, but nobody knows what will be the way of change. Improving the conditions of life is needed, because the global problems of Earth take place in the present. In Miskolc the warming solution is very important. The warmerwork is not Miskolc's own, and it's not so environment-friendly. 50 years later it will use sun- and wind energy. The thermal water treasure is important for the city as well. On the other hand, Miskolc's main problem is the traffic on such narrow streets. Maybe the solution is simple. The council had just voted for the new tram stage, and the present line's rail restauration. they also planned new trams buy. but 50 years later, the totally restaurated downtown won't look harmonic with surface trams. An underground under the city in the West-East line may be possible, and they would build the north-South line underground too. At the end of this huge building, the downtown would be totally walking area. They would improve the MVK with new buses, and they may be trolleys, because they're more efficient then diesel buses.
For the cars' problem, the solution maybe build a ring around the city, and the cars won't need to come to miskolc's area. The cars will use internet to prevent accidents, and they will drive automatically. In the future I don't think about flying cars.
The people of the city will be more modern then now. Some parts of the city will be cleaner, and better estated. Lyukóbánya will be a normal relax area with lovely weekendhouses. In the downtown there will be skyscrapers, which are 4 in 1 : homes, shops, entertainment centrals and workplaces.
But don't forget that Miskolc is a little city, and it has got negative features. Miskolc can't spread to North-West, because there is the Bükk forest, and it is a national park. Also Miskolc has got long traditions, and traditional buildings! What will the people of Miskolc say for a shopping mall instead of the market in the Búza square ?
There are a lot of old buildings, which are under protection too.
An other subject. The schools of Miskolc will improve in the future. The primary schools are very low certificated schools.The high schools will be improved in 2058. One thing what Miskolc is proud of, the university will mean international high quality, because it's very good in the present too.
At the end, I say : Miskolc will be a better place in 2058. Thanks for listening.
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