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A zenéről - angolul

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A következő kis ssszenetből megtudható, hogy s miként viszonyulok a zenéhez. Angolul írtam, azon egyszerű oknál fogva, hogy angol órára kellett írnom. Nagyon megragadott a téma(hiszen a zene az életem, munkám, a hobbim, a szenvedélyem - bővebben lent :) ), és bár nyelvi korlátok vannak, de úgy érzem, viszonylag jól sikerült kifejtenem, hogy mit is gondolok. A nyelvtani-stilisztikai hibákért előre is elnézést kérek.


For me, music isn't a very hard thing to speak about. You probably ask me, why? Well, I'm here to inform you about this.

You can see music from different points of view, but it's even for me, because music means one thing for me - my life. Firstly, it can sound a bit hard, but you'll see that it's not that far from the truth that it looks like. Music fills in my whole life, my weekdays are covered everywhere by music. I can't go anywhere without my iPod, this is one of the four things (my keys, my mobile phone, my wallet and this) which I can't be without. I carry them everywhere, I feel very, very sad when they aren't with me.

I'm not just a regular music listener, this is the first thing that you should know about me and music. It might be the reason why there is a particular thing, some kind of love, that is between me and the music. There are a lot of connecting points. The most important of them are 2 things. The main reason why I'm in a very special "love" with music is that I imagine my future in the music "business". I don't like the word business to use, because I don't mainly see music as a product to sell, it's more than something that have to be sold by the people who make it. It's a thing which is very important in the people's lives, because this is one of the main arts (since the ancient ages) which can be used to express very, very different emotions (in particular ways) like love, hate, you can express the things, you'd like to do. There's not only the words, there's the music, with which you can bring out the little parts of feelings that you can't draw up with dry words. Let's take an example. There is a girl from Barbados, a little country in Middle-America, who has very beautiful voice. She's Rihanna. In one of her tracks, which is called "Don't Stop the Music!", the last line of the chorus says: ,,Please, don't stop the music!" In an everyday case, you'd tell her: ,,Okay, it sounds good." But when you hear the music under this line, your whole body screams you: ,,C'mon! What the hell are you waiting for? Dance, until your legs are working!" And when this feeling runs through your whole body, you feel amazed. Or there is love, which has as nice as different expressions in the language of music. Maybe the most beautiful lyrics is in the common track of Axwell(a great disc jockey) and Steve Edwards(a vocalist with very beautiful voice). It's the track "Watch the Sunrise", and the lyrics sounds like this: ,,There's nothing more that I want, than to touch you, to seek truth in your eyes, the only thing that I want is to be with you, and to watch the sunrise!" I think it can be a wonderful feeling to be with your loved one through watching the colorful sunrise. But take another example. When you're depressed, and you feel that no one's in your opinion, and you hear a track in the radio, or somewhere, it can be good, because it might be that the track which you're listening to arouses you to the salvation of the situation that you're in. Or a track can make you also happy, when you feel that the things aren't going in the way that you want to. As the band called R.I.O. says, ,,I will lift you up, we can stir it up, feel the love around, when the sun comes down!" On paper, there are simple words, but with the music under it, this track also can be a very good "painkiller", if you feel the beat and the vocal bumping in your ears, or just when you listen to the music with low volume, and you need something to shake up your day, as Enrique Iglesias says: ,,All I need, is a rhythm divine, lost in the music your heart will be mine." However, these tracks are really good, but it's just a little taste of the very colorful palette from what music gives you.

Let's go back to the original theme. I think, I can feel this different significance of music, because I want to be a voice technician, and a disc jockey. It sounds like a very average dream, but what makes this dream special is that I don't want to be an average deejay. I want to make people happy, and this is my main reason instead of money. I don't want to be a "celeb" or something like that. Okay, I want to be somebody, whose words are important, but I don't want that when my name comes up, people say: ,,Ooh, his music is good, but just because the radio and the music televisions play it day and night, and on the other hand, in the private life, he's a piece of rubbish. I would like people to love me with my personality, with my music, and with the way I simply am (I'm not as simple as some shallow people, as you see.:)). I'm making my own way now, because I have some sound and light technics, with which can I make very good parties, but I also can make outings loud.

The other side, I like almost every kind of music. The Rap-Szín-Tér is a very good example to prove this. This is a band, which is made by this friend of mine, and we're trying to make rap music. Rap music is very shallow in some cases, but we're trying to leave this behind, we want to make music with deeper message. Every track is different, everything has got its own meaning, makes sense, we don't just puke some words which makes sometimes rhymes, as it's the main habit nowadays.

The last theme that I want to expound, is the question of hating music. Of course, I can't love every kind of music. I hate undemanding music, which is made only with the goal of earning as much money as these people(the "musicians", the PR team, the producers) can. I don't want to take an example, because everyone listens to music, which he/she wants, to, but there's a funny sentence about this theme. It sounds like: Please, don't let Dundika (the playmate girl) sing, until Vera Tóth (the talented singer) takes her clothes off.

I thought that sentence was a great finish to that theme, so I made a new paragraph. I was a bit concise in this little confession, but I should finish it soon. I hope you enjoyed it, and you got a little piece of me with the help of this writing. At the end, I want to give some lines to the goal of the summary. In my point of view, whichever kind of music you like, you should be tolerant with the other music styles. You should see music as an art. Remember, every great man in the history (for example Napoleon Bonaparte or Mattihas Rex) liked music, and this is not just a coincidence. The last thing I want to is to thank you that you read the whole "confession", and share my opinion, which says: Who likes the music, can't be a bad person.

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