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(#84) JulWCZar

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Kommentek ugyanonnan:

"I've had a series of business laptops and netbooks since 2004, and the 11" MacBook Air 2010 hit all the sweet spots: great screen, great keyboard, small, thin, light, no space wasted on an optical drive, fast performance (thanks to the SSD and despite a slightly anemic CPU), runs Windows like a champ either in Boot Camp or virtually.
The 2011 model's backlit keyboard and zippy CPU just make it that much better. There really isn't much competition out there. I was a pretty hardcore Windows user but I just couldn't find a Windows PC that could match the Air in all the ways that mattered to me. Amazing little machine."

"I'm by no means an Apple fanatic, and have previously owned 6 laptops, all PCs. The ultraportable Sony VAIOs were my laptop of choice until I picked up a MacBook Air. It's leaps and bounds better than any previous laptop in terms of battery life, build quality, heat dissipation, and stability. "

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