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Dragon Age 1.03 patch

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Röhej. Hibajavítás 1 kivétellel nincs, pedig a játék tele van komoly bugokkal.

Pl. a 3 fizetős DLC-ből kettőben is találkoztam komolyabb hibával, az egyik ráadásul olyan, hogy a miatt nem lehet teljesíteni a DLC-t (Return to Ostagar). Majdnem 1000 Ft-ot fizettem a másfél órás DLC-ért, és be sem tudom fejezni. Gratulálok Bioware, egyre romlik a színvonal.

Dragon Age: Origins 1.03
Patch details:

You do not need to download patches prior to Patch 1.03. Downloading Patch 1.03 contains all previous patches. Downloading Patch 1.03 will provide you with all patch data available.

* Various changes have been made to code and resources to support the Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening expansion pack. Most of these changes do not affect Origins itself.
* Some players were experiencing increasingly long load times. A major cause of this problem has been fixed.
* At higher levels, non-player characters now receive a bonus to armor penetration. This mitigates an unintentional imbalance with well-armored high-level characters, since armor penetration previously did not scale as aggressively as armor itself did.
* Elite-rank enemies (lieutenants) can no longer be shattered. This preserves the intended tactical design of many combat encounters.
* Portraits for summoned creatures (like a ranger's wolf) were displaying improperly while in the party camp. This no longer occurs.

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