2019. március 24., vasárnap


Van egy zene...

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Van egy zene ami nem megy ki a fejemből már napok, sőt hetek óta...
Meghatározza mindennapjaimat.
Felvidít és lesújt percről percre változva...


"I wanna stay for a glass or two
I need something strong
to get where i belong
to the only place where I am free
without the laws of gravity
I wanna feel something good tonight
I mean (need?) to be high and try to feel alive
I'll do everything to take - sail across the sea
I conquer the night
to find a place where I can be

I think I maybe went a bit to far
too much candy from the toilet bar
it was too much smoking of those nice cigars
and then the shots from the whiskey jars
now I´m shaking with my hands of glass
give me something that will make me laugh
then go away leave me alone
I´m sitting here on my Frozen Throne
I say that is known I like the wilds
right now i feel like a child
I would lie down if I could move at all
fully I could stop the fall."

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